OU-JLIC Downtown Campaign

OU-JLIC Downtown Campaign

While we are not new to the Downtown NYC area we are excited to have taken the reins as the new OU-JLIC Downtown Directors! 


OU-JLIC continues to be a home for all downtown students. We have built a community which aims to serve the greater downtown area! Students from NYU and nearby colleges, alumni and community members all play an important role in our programming.


A few highlights of our first semester include:

  • - Weekly THINK, Mishmar, Beit Sicha learning and discussion events
  • - Shabbat and holidays on campus (including the biggest Sukkah in the east village!). We hosted 60 students for meals over Rosh Hashanah and 40 students for meals over Sukkot,
  • - Homemade challah, soup and deserts to meals on campus to make it extra special
  • - BBQs, Smores and Bonfires in our backyard
  • - Paint night, escape the room and other fun social programming
  • - 9/11 Chessed trip where we gave out breakfast to first responders


We are so proud of this community and we can’t sustain and build it without your support. We’d love you to partner with us.


With thanks,

Rabbi Leead Staller and Shoshana Bachrach

Campaign funding is over.
Thank you for all your help.